ALTAR – The story part 3

Jan 15, 2019 | Blog

If you missed the beginning of this story, head over to my BLOG to read Part 1 and Part 2. 

The ALTAR story continues::

It is the end of 2017 and construction of The Guard’s building ON Web Street in Friday Harbor is happening!! I keep an eye from afar and once again begin to dream the dream of what my heart, body and mind where guiding me towards. 

The dream consists of a serene, bright, open space where people can engage with themselves through movement, meditation, ceremony and ritual. I see a wall of herbs that is a part of the apothecary/elixir bar. I see 2 beautiful rooms that house infrared saunas. I see a treatment room where healing body treatments would be performed. I see PLANTS, many plants alive and thriving. I see all the tools I and the other teachers would need to teach in ways that are most supportive for our students. I see a vibrant community and the space being a landing spot for this community to ground, connect, heal, BE and nourish themselves. 
It is all there in my minds eye. It already feels so real and like it is some how already underway. 

Lisa and I begin seriously conversing about the possibility of me renting the downstairs space while I am on the magical island of Kauai last spring. While there, I had a powerfully potent experience of KNOWING that I absolutely was supposed to rent THIS space (specifically) and that is was TIME! So, while on vacation I contact her. She assures me that the space is available and that we will connect when I get home. Because I was on vacation, I had extra mind space to become absorbed by all the possibilities. I would journal ideas that started to thread into my awareness. I began talking to studio owners of the studios I was frequenting while there. I begin to look online for inspiration. It was all so exciting!! 

As I arrived back to the island in late March, I was amped and ready to get this party started!! Yet, LIFE had a different sequence of events in store for me.. 

More to come in Part 4 next month.. stay tuned! 

NEW CLASSES begin this week at ALTAR. Click on the flyers below in order to become a member of the studio and in order to reserve your spot in each class you are ready to attend.

Also, THE FOUNDATION course is live on my website and available anytime! Four, 20 minute foundational practices and one 30 minute practice of some of my favorite movements. Increase your mobility and flexibility in your hands, wrists and feet, practice finding more balance and open your hips in creative ways! 

Wishing you strength and ease as we continue through this first month of 2019! 

With Joy,
Heather ????