April 2023 | East Cape, San Jose del Cabo

Apr 17, 2023 | Blog

The quick VL update:  

  • We are slowly making our way back north.
  • Our goal is to be in Colorado by the end of April. 
  • I have been back in Baja for 1 week after 10 days on mainland Mexico facilitating the Women’s Spring Equinox Retreat.
  • We are in preparation mode for the next 2 retreats: San Juan Island and Portugal.
  • Following the travel journey? Scroll down: a story filled with play + cheer. 

With love, Heather

Story Time

Welcome back to VL and life lesson story time. I left you a few weeks ago talking about Los Barilles and the challenges of living in a very tiny space with 2 humans and 2 dogs. If you missed that newsletter you can find it HERE on the blog.  

After the fun we had in Los Barilles we headed South for San Jose del Cabo. We needed to run the usual errands (food, water, taco pit stop) and we decided to stay within a 40 min drive of San Jose del Cabo because soon I would be flying over to mainland Mexico. 

We had two options for places to camp: a campground that had descent reviews on ioverlander or a stretch of beach that Rusty may or may not be able to drive because of the rough + sandy roads. We decided to try the campground first. We would have enough light left in the day to get to the beach spot if the campground was not a good fit. 

And, indeed, it was not a great fit for us. As Rusty came bouncing in, a pack of friendly dogs came running towards us. Multiple dogs off leash is a nightmare for Roscoe. Although there are ways to work with this, especially if they are friendly dogs, this is something Peter and I need to contemplate. More dogs around means that we are all on HIGH alert, and it makes for a not-so-relaxing time.

At times in life you just have to accept what is and dive in. At other times, you have the ability and space to check-in with yourself and decide if you have the energy to move forward with a challenging scenario. 

This situation for us came at time when we had options and so we decided to move on from this lovely but, for us, stressful campground. We bounced our way out of there and headed for  “The East Cape.” 

The drive to the East Cape was a sweaty adventure. Google Maps decided to veer us in the direction that was WAY off the beaten path. We had to get out of Rusty multiple times and walk the road to see if we thought Rusty could drive through the miles of sand that lay before us. She survived and eventually we made it back to the main road. Come to find out a week later as we were driving back to San Jose del Cabo, that the road google maps told us was closed, was not closed and the sand driving was completely unnecessary. But, live and learn, right? Plus, now we have an afternoon that we are sure to never forget. 

Is it true for you: the memories that stand out the most are often the ones filled with adventure, a little challenge, laughter and perhaps some tears? It is often the memory of getting through something with others and the story you have to tell afterward that are memorable. 

The East Cape did not disappoint! This stretch of the southern portion of the Sea of Cortez was filled with playful baby Humpback Whales. The mammas were there with them of course, but the babies are what caught our attention. There is something about the way they fling themselves through the water and how they mimic their mothers that is just so cute and cheerful. 

We were fortunate to arrive during a time when the whales were very active. Our main form of entertainment for the week were the whales. We would sunrise and sunset with them. I kid you not, every time I saw a baby whale flail out of the water, it made me giggle. I felt like I could hear the inner gleeful sound that I want to imagine they would be making if they could. 

The witnessing of the babies doing their dance through the air was a constant reminder to play. To go play in the water, to play in the sand, to play with the pups and one another. To lighten up. 

So, I pass the torch to you… 

Thank you for following the journey!! If you have read this far, reply back: Encouraging you to PLAY this week!! How do you play? How will you play this week?