August 2023 | PNW   

Aug 5, 2023 | Blog

The quick Life update: 

  • I am spending the month of August in Seattle, know anyone on Vashon island who you think I should know? I will be there for a few weeks.
  • Epiphanies from walking the talk, read below
  • My work with Mindbloom is expanding my mind in so many ways 
  • Live group and one on one sessions continue throughout the summer
  • Life on the Road continues but in a whole new way (more on this next time)

With love, Heather

Story Time  

The morning after I sent the email to ALTAR digital members that ALTAR digital (where I house all my pre-recorded content) will be closing down, I read this: 

“If two ideas feel somewhat equal in weight, and one has a clear potential to turn into something beautiful and the other shows less potential but seems more interesting, feel free to follow your interest. Base decisions on the internal feeling of being moved and notice what holds your interest. This will always be in the greatest service of the work.” -Rick Rubin 

I spontaneously opened the book titled “The Creative Art: A way of being.” by Rick Rubin. The short section I landed on was “Experimentation,” and above was the last paragraph.

This paragraph was of particular interest to me because I made the choice to say bye-bye to recording new content for ALTAR digital based on that very idea:
To create from a place of what moves and interests me.

I could justify creating pre-recorded content based on feedback I received from members. And, yet, does it interest me? Does it light me up? Do I feel enlivened when I think of spending time doing this? For now, no. Will I always feel this way? Time will tell. 

It feels like a courageous act to create from a place of personal interest rather than from a place based on the interests of others. It feels right and anxiety provoking at the same time.

I have always vowed to walk the talk and if I am here teaching you all to get contacted to your truth and then to live that truth out, I better be doing that myself!

I surely am even as feely as it can be at times. 

Living in truth is not always comfortable y’all and yet it leads to a more aligned, healthy and vital life. As I continue to lean into getting to know myself more, body/SOUL/heart, how I show up will continue to evolve and you all are a part of the journey, thank you!

I am spending more time working with people one on one and that feels very ALIVE for me right now. Those intimate spaces are what light me up. Diving deep with people to uncover road blocks to their health and well-being is what I am passionate about. 

Being with groups live online and in-person is what I look forward to. I am going to continue to follow these threads of interest, desire and passion because when I do – I believe we will all benefit. I vow to continue to show up as the most authentic expression of who I know myself to be today. You will arrive to a teacher/guide who is practicing daily the tools/techniques and modalities that I am passionate about sharing with anyone who is ready to listen and explore. 

Currently I am working with people who want to learn and integrate subtle movement, breath-work, meditation and/or plant medicines as a means to enhance their mental health and overall state of being.

If you are interested in exploring how what I do can support you now, reply back to this email or send me a text message:

Thank you for BEING here with me. You are appreciated.