Nov 16, 2018 | Blog

My intention was to write to you on the New Moon last week. I created this time line for myself because I thought how perfect it would be to write to you on such a powerful and potent day. But, as you are seeing today, that did not happen. This theme of intending for one thing and then needing to allow life to flow as it may, has been the running thread in my life as of late.

Another example, desiring to make an official BIG announcement to you all last week and having all the pieces perfectly put together and tied in the sweetest little bow for your viewing. And, that did not happen either. I have been waiting waiting, waiting until the “right” words would flow through me and I would find the most magical time to write to you all about it. But, that is not the current flow of life for me right now.

What is in the flow for me right now is the rawness and realness of being in the process of some big expansion and growth both in my personal life and in how I am able to show up for all of you. It is exciting, exhilarating, a little scary and most definitely divinely supported and orchestrated.

So, I am here without a perfectly manicured message and writing this after a few days of radical INTENSITY!!  But, I am here and more excited than ever before. A short phrase has been carrying me through this time:

“Intensity Awakens Wild Attentiveness Everywhere.”
From the Radiance Sutras, Sutra 95.

To allow all the processes of life to BE the meditation. To allow all the intense experiences and the sensations and feelings that come along during the journey of intensity to be a doorway into the space of simply being present with what is.

I have noticed from this place, solutions come with greater ease. But, first we learn how to observe the experience of the intensity. It was a powerful gift of a verse that landed for me and I hope that it can offer something to you as well.

I would love to hear what rises for you when you read those words.

AND >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The Official Big News:

We have a new Movement HOME and it is called Altar. Altar Movement Studio. More to come on this in the next few emails. But, for now, will you join me in the excitement of having a sacred space to all land in weekly! I cannot wait to welcome ALL bodies to this special space.

Continue to the YOGA page for a NEW retreat announcement and class dates through the holidays.

With gratitude and love,
Heather 💜