Dec 2022 | FB hacked + White Sands

Dec 14, 2022 | Blog

White Sands National Park

The bullet-point version: 

  • We are back in New Mexico
  • White Sands National Park is incredible, put it on your bucket list!
  • Rusty is doing great! Peter thinks she is driving better than ever. 
  • Bummer news: my FB and instagram have been hacked. 
  • Live classes continue this week and next. Then, I will be taking a short break around X-mas and New Years. Not a member? Join a live class or receive a replay link by donation,
  • OPPORTUNITY to join me for an Intro to breath-work series. 

With love, Heather

This is White Sands National Park. We camped outside of Carlsbad, New Mexico and then drove through the cute mountain town of Cloudcroft. We stopped and had some amazing Barbecue at Mad Jacks and then made our way down the mountain to White Sands. 
We were awe struck for over 2 hours. White Gypsum sands for as far as the eyes could see. It is a spectacular site and I highly recommend visiting this unique area of New Mexico if you enjoy seeing fascinating landscapes and like to walk and wander. 

Well, having my FB and instagram accounts is NO FUN! It just feels so violating. Can you relate? And, what I am appreciating about being hacked is it is gifting me the opportunity to take a forced step back and get the birds eye view of how much energy was going into posting, creation and keeping up with it all.
What I am aware of is that it was taking a whole lotta energy. All that energy is not necessarily bad, it is fun to share with all who are following the journey.
AND, I wonder if there are other ways to share van-life adventures and what I want to teach and inspire in the world? I know there are and so now I am in the exploration of other possibilities. 
If you have any genius ideas, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! I would love to hear from you. 
For now, if you are here and reading this, you are in the front row seat of what I am sharing and offering because this is the main channel at the moment. 
I will aim to share more often in the coming weeks as I (and Peter and I) figure out what means of communication feel best for us.
For now, I wish you well and am SO SO grateful for your PRESENCE here.