Hello Fall

Sep 26, 2017 | Blog

Leaves changing, crisp morning air, sun shining (at least as I am writing this), raindrops scattered throughout the week once again…


Conversations have been floating around on the web about THIS time of the year as being the time of renewal! Set new intentions and get back into healthy, wholesome lifestyle habits and routines now as opposed to the month of January. This is a time to reflect on what the high vibe summer energy brought to light and recalibrate in order to get back into a more natural easy flow.

Lately, I have been engaged in another conversation, thanks to a new dear friend and 5 elements acupuncturist here on the island (check her out here), that has left me truly intrigued.

When asked the question:
“What transition of seasons is more challenging for you, summer to fall or fall to winter?”
I had to stop and think but still could not come up with a concrete answer? In the moment, I decided to choose summer to fall and left that conversation still curious if it was really true for me. But, as the day and week went on, I continued to witness myself as the summer currently turns to fall. And, guess what? I FEEL CRAZY this time of the year!! hehe

I realized that this transition from the heat of the summer sun to crisp fall, is a challenging one for me. How about you?

As I allowed myself to be aware of my reaction to the change of season, I noticed that my emotions mirror the weather a lot. Sunny one day, cold and irritated the next day. Waking up a bit grey and blue, then finishing the day vibrant and refreshed. It has been interesting to be present with these feelings and observe.

This awareness and observation brought about a new process of self-inquiry that I had never been through before. This was a question I had never been asked and I have to wonder about you? What transition of seasons is more challenging for you?

This awareness has brought me to the ask the question, “How can I support my WHOLE self through this somewhat challenging time of the year?” I am still in the process of writing out an answer and taking action. Perhaps now you can do the same if this resonates.

The simple awareness and knowledge of myself has allowed me to soften and not be so hard on myself when my energy or mood shifts “out of the blue.” Because now, I see that it is not out of the blue at all. My whole self is trying to adjust, find balance and recenter during the fluctuations of one season moving into another. What I see now is a body, mind and soul going through those same adjustments. Nothing is wrong with me and I am not going to pass judgment toward myself. I can now welcome in more compassion and consider ways to nourish my WHOLE self rather than keep trying to figure what is “wrong” with me.

Some ways to welcome this shift with ease and grace:

1) Begin a new morning or evening self-care routine.
2) Recommit to a daily meditation, chanting, or spiritual practice.
3) YOGA ( see below for new fall opportunities to practice together)
4) Get out all your favorite fall herbal teas and choose one each day to slowly sip while watching the leaves fall and turn colors.
5) Bath time!
6) Bundle up and get outside in the trees.
7) Create some new fall meal plans with the bounty of yummy fall veggies.
8) Gift yourself a few acupuncture sessions to help shift your energy to align with the new season.
9) Create a short at home yoga/movement practice (email me for a private session to help you get started).
10) Re-connect with your tribe/community. One way, if you live where I do, is to attend one of our upcoming Full or New Moon Ceremonies. Click here to add yourself to the email list just for those interested in attending these magical twice-monthly gatherings.

Wishing you all ease filled days ahead.
With Gratitude and Joy,