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Jun 4, 2020 | Blog

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BIG week! BIG times. BIG feels. BIG everything. Me oh my! How are you all doing in this moment in time? Can we pause and do a 4 second meditation? Okay, ready… Soft belly. Open heart. Breathe In. Breathe Out. Okay,, again. Soft belly, open heart. Breathe In, Breathe Out. This is the go to “practice” for me right now. Soft Belly, Open Heart and softening enough to feel the breath. So simple. So helpful. I was reminded by my Theta teacher that clarity comes from peace and peace comes from softening and breathing. I feel this deeply. When I breathe and soften, I calm the “F” down and I can take action from a more centered place. That is where I want to act from and what I would encourage for all of us. 

:: Find the practices that help to calm and center you. Do those. Then act. ::

Which leads me to our sweet sweet announcement:: in-person classes a few miles outside of town in an orchard on a farm. Who’s ready? Plenty of space to be 6 feet apart, fresh air to breathe and close to town. Let’s unite while respecting each others space. Let’s unite to calm and center, to move and breathe and to nourish and heal. 

This week, more than ever, I feel the call to BE together. Two angelic human beings came to me and offered their farm to ALTAR. Incredibly blessed and grateful we are! This community amazes me. 

Starting this week we will be offering OUTSIDE in-person movement classes. Upon registration you will receive the address and class details. We will start with just a few classes a week and the rest will stay online. 

You will see (IN-PERSON) next to the classes that will at the farm and (ONLINE) or (LIVE STREAM) for classes via ZOOM. We begin this week with Thursday’s 8:30am practice. 75 minutes of Yoga + Functional Movement. I look forward to seeing you soon. 

** Also, in order to acknowledge and participate in the BIG times we are in, all proceeds from this first outdoor movement class will be donated to the organization Color of CHANGE ** Check them out here.

Questions? Reply to this email. Thank you!

With Gratitude,
Heather and the ALTAR team