July 2023 | PNW 

Jul 1, 2023 | Blog

The quick VL update:  

  • Rusty is Retiring 
  • We are back in the PNW, currently in West Seattle
  • I am teaching a NEW 6 week Series online. Join me here
  • We are in the question of what is next
  • Following the journey? Scroll down for story time and what is current

With love, Heather

Story Time

June came and went w/o a check from me. In the month of June we made it back to the PNW, enjoyed participating in a beautiful SJI wedding (and danced our tushes off!), hosted my Summer Solstice Retreat on SJI and we became reinvigorated through many social interactions. Our hearts are filled with love and appreciation from being back in familiar environments and with people we love. Thank you to those of you who we saw and it’s not too late for those of you who we missed. We are here this summer. It would be a delight to see you in-person if you are in the PNW.

What is fresh on the mind:
-Soaking up the Seattle Summer Vibes = more outside time
-Savoring all the aliveness of this season = eating all the fresh fruits
-Showing up even when it is scary 
-Daily connection with soul/heart in order to live an aligned/authentic life

The last time I wrote I shared with you all the other work I am doing in the world. It was fun to hear from some of you who are interested in exploring altered states of consciousness. We can experience altered states from our own deep meditations and from using a substance to expedite the process. As I spend time working with more people one on one, I am seeing that what I do with Mindbloom is no different than what I am doing with ALTAR. 

As I continue to teach groups and offer spaces of one on one connection, I continue to recognize that I am here to support others in creating and maintaining connections with all the parts of themselves. As I evolve my own practices and receive counsel from my teachers, I am more and more drawn to healing, growth and evolution from a more subtle perspective. 

For years, I was focused on taking care of the physical body and really tending to the biological needs of my flesh and bone. As we all know it is indeed important to tend to the physical needs of our bodies through sound nutrition and ample physical movement. And, in my experience, learning to integrate and tend to ALL the various parts of ourselves leads to feeling more whole, healed and complete.

I am an explorer and adventurer through and through both of the outer environment and my own internal environment. As I continue to practice and integrate breath-work and deeper states of meditation, I am more intrigued about experiencing health and well-being from an energetic perspective. We are energetic beings, the earth has an electromagnetic field and so do we. Check out these topics here. People tend to become more open to the subtle realms of healing and health when they have tried everything and nothing has truly helped. I want to explore these avenues before I get to that moment in my life and I am here to invite you into the journey with me. 

I was scared to present some of the current practices and tools I am using and teaching with those who attended the Summer Solstice Retreat for fear of rejection and judgement. It would have been inauthentic to not do so AND I had to get through the feelings of discomfort in order to surface on the other side. I see how exploring the more subtle realms is helping to keep me in touch with my intuition and instincts aka my clear yes’s and no’s. It is becoming easier and easier to make decisions for myself even when it is scary because I know what is aligned and what is not. I waver less and say my truth (from my soul/heart) more.

I am here as an advocate for your health and wellbeing from a soul/spirit level. I invite you to continue the journey with me! 

If you are interested in exploring how what I do can support your health and well-being  reply back to this email. I have a new group series that begins next Tuesday and I offer on-going one on one guidance. 

Thank you for BEING here with me. You are appreciated. 

With love, Heather