May 2023 | Arizona

May 5, 2023 | Blog

The quick VL update:  

  • I am in Encinitas, CA
  • Jai jai is better!! Thank you for your sweet notes and love.
  • Rusty has a new engine and is in Arizona with Peter. They will get back on the road when we know everything is as sound as it can be (for now).
  • This week I am in a training with my teachers here in Encinitas. 
  • We got to see some island friends in Flagstaff, see pics below. 
  • Following the travel journey? Below Q + A about Life on the Road. 

With love, Heather

Story Time

We recently made some new friends and had a lovely dinner at a local pizza joint. Pizza is one of Peter’s favorite foods and it had been over 3 months since we indulged because pizza in Mexico is just not the same from what we could see.
Over our delicious Pizza dinner this sweet couple asked us some fun questions about life on the road. Here is a fun way to learn more about what VanLife has been like for us.

Q: What has been the most surprising thing about VanLife? 

P: The way we have done VanLife has not been as much of a money-saving adventure as we had hoped. Rusty being the biggest offender, by far.
H: Arizona. I continue to be surprised by this state! I am intrigued about the different micro-climates and the hidden beauty of the desert. 

Q: What have you loved most about Living on the Road?

P: Being able to pick what we wake up to each morning. Being able to choose our front and backyard.
H: Spending more time outside. It just feels right! 

Q: What has been your favorite spot/area/city/place? 

P: I can’t narrow it down to just one. First, I loved La Paz. I was surprised at how much I loved this city. Second, the East Cape. It was an unplanned and unscheduled stop and it didn’t hurt that there were dozens and dozens of humpback whales 🙂
H: Similar to Peter. I would add to that, our stay at El Burro beach. We met some lovely humans and had a chance to paddle board the Sea of Cortez. It was also the first HOT day and that is my favorite.

Q: What has been the most challenging part of VanLife?

 3 parts. One, our dogs!! Two, not knowing Spanish. Three, not having our own personal space consistently. 
H: For sure the dogs!! We love them and they drive us crazy at times. Plus, all the wild dogs in Mexico made it challenging for us to relax.

Q: What would you do differently now that you have 9 months under your belt?

P: First, put more energy into learning Spanish. Second, dog training. I would have spent more time in training with Roscoe before we left.
H: Plan more solo times/personal space into our itinerary and hire a Spanish tutor.

The journey continues this month. Next stops: Ojai, Heather’s Parents in Cali, Peters Dad in Oregon and onward to Seattle!

With love, Heather