May 2023 | San Diego 

May 20, 2023 | Blog

The quick VL update:  

  • Welcome to all the NEW subscribers❣️
  • Jaiya and I are in San Diego
  • Rusty is OUT of the shoppe. Peter is testing her new engine over the weekend. 
  • We are exhausted from this leg of the journey (and yet still hopeful)
  • I have officially submitted all my materials for my breath-work certification. 🎉
  • I am teaching monthly for The Radiance Sutras School of Meditation Membership site
  • Following the travel journey? I have some news, scroll down. 

With love, Heather

Story Time  

While on “retreat/deep dive training” with Lorin and Camille last week, we took a field trip to the Self-Realization Fellowship Meditation Gardens. (pictured above) Wow oh wow! What an impactful experience that was! We meditated with the elements, the beauty and the vibrancy of the energy of this special place for almost 2 hours. I highly recommend visiting these gardens if you live nearby or visit North County, San Diego.

What little cat am I letting out of the bag? Well, it is something I have been engaged in since the end of 2022 along side my current teachings and offerings. As many of you know, I generally do not share/teach/guide anything until it is more fully integrated into my own life or daily practices. I feel more at home in this new role and feel it is time to share it with you all. I grateful to say i am LOVING what I am doing with a company called, MINDBLOOM. 

My role is what is known as an Integration Guide or Coach. I work with people one on one supporting them in their mental health and well-being journey. We use ketamine to assist people with going into deeply meditative, dissociative and altered states of consciousness in order to overcome depression, anxiety, PTSD and a variety of other mental health conditions. 

I share this with you all because I want more people to experience the transformative outcomes that I am witness to daily. A few weeks ago I met with a client that was severely depressed, up to that point I had not met anyone as depressed as this person. They were courageous and willing enough to give this treatment model a try. They had tried everything else with no relief. After two sessions here is a text I received from them that had me crying tears of hope:

“I just feel like I’m getting back to being myself. Maybe not 100% there, but even my partner was commenting on how this is the “real” me, And that he had seen glimpses of that person over the past year but I couldn’t stay that way for more than a few hours before being exhausted by it. I don’t feel as stuck as I did.

When stressful situations come up, I can just kind of roll with the punches because things don’t feel as overwhelming. I’ve actually been waking up excited again and not wanting to immediately go back to sleep.

I’m not as anxious either. I don’t love being in large/crowded places. But I was at IKEA yesterday and wasn’t on edge the whole time like I normally would have been.

I know I still have a lot of work to do, but it feels really good to know that after such a long time of trying so many other treatments, I finally found something that helps. It’s nice to feel hopeful.

It’s like I was a car that was sitting in a garage for a few years untouched because it wouldn’t start. The ketamine just feels like AAA came and towed my car to a shop. Some repairs have been made, and I’m still waiting on other parts to come in, but the mechanic knows how to fix the car. Now that I know I don’t have to worry about what to do if the car breaks down again, I also feel relieved. I have mechanic who knows how to fix my car if anything happens in the future.”

If you or anyone you know experiences depression, anxiety, PTSD, a general sense of overwhelm/high stress and/or a lack of self-love or confidence please share this information with them. I have a link that gives everyone $100 their first program. (I am not getting paid for sharing this)

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 You can choose to work with me as your guide (or choose from 100 other guides) alongside a fabulous clinician. We both support you through your first 6 session journey. I use the tools and modalities that are engrained in my bones to help guide the inner healing journey. It is fascinating and profound work. I encourage you to browse the site and learn about ketamine and the therapeutic benefits that are possible when intentionally interacting with this medicine. 

I am here too, as always, to answer any questions. If you are mindfully using other medicines to bring you into altered states of consciousness and are looking for integration support, please let me know. I would be honored to work with you in this capacity. It is a new found passion of mine to BE with others in this way. The last 11 years of teaching, guiding and hosting group ceremonies and my own exploration of altered states of consciousness with and without medicines, have prepared me for this way of being with individuals. I am delighted to BE with you when you are ready. 

Thank you for BEING here with me. You are appreciated.