** NEW ** 20 minute practices

Jul 7, 2020 | Blog

Image by Cere Demuth

Something New ✨

 Hey, whadaya know, another week filled with new everything. Are we getting the hang of this yet? Something new and often times tumultuous is presented to us most days of the week it seems. Isn’t it interesting how some days you can ride the rhythms of the storm with ease and how certain days it just feels a little more difficult? What if we practiced staying more curious and less critical of ourselves through these ebbs and flows? Just a thought and maybe one that will be helpful for you today or this week. 

Practice curiosity

This week we have a few new and hopefully very helpful practices for you. 

1) 20 minute Reset, weekly recorded practice.

Every Wednesday we will provide a new 20 minute recorded movement practice. Sign-up for this class with your membership and receive the link to practice at a time that works for you. 

Check out the schedule here and sign-up for next Wednesday’s 7am class to receive the recording. 

This 20 minute reset is aimed at guiding you to move your whole body in ways that will refresh your energy. Arrive to your day or afternoon with a clearer mind and more relaxed body. 

2) Free recorded Vinyasa Flow class with Mariana

If you are not already using the app, we encourage you do so. Not only is it easier to sign up for classes, you also have access to the membership area where we have FREE classes for you. 

This week, we added one of Mariana’s fabulous Vinyasa Flow classes. This is a classic strong and flowing Vinyasa sequence. Get ready to sweat a little while stretching it all out to the grounded presence that Mariana brings to all her classes.   

Check out our FAQs page to read more on downloading the app.

3) Movement in the Orchard 

Below, see this weeks scheduled classes. 

Wishing you a powerful week of self connection and curiosity. 

With love and gratitude,
Heather and the ALTAR team 💜