November 2022 | New Mexico to Texas

Nov 8, 2022 | Blog

It’s a classic PNW rainy day but we are in Texas : ( 

Life on the Road in bullet points: 

  • Amazing camping spots in Arizona and New Mexico 
  • We got COVID in Santa Fe 
  • Austin is SO lively, creative and cool 
  • Traveling while sick is no fun 
  • Grateful for amazing friends and family who have opened their homes to us so we do not have to camp in chilly weather
  • A story about compromise and breath-work below ⇣

I signed up for life on the road with one rule/request, that we follow warm weather. Living in a tiny space with 2 humans and 2 dogs is already a challenge. Working full time adds in another complicated layer. I have traveled in a van before and know myself enough to know that warm weather would make this whole adventure that much more doable. Peter agreed and so the plans began way back in the beginning of the year.

With Rusty getting sick, this set our travel plans back by 2 months. Peter really wanted to get to New Mexico and I was not as excited because the winter weather arrived to this region of the country. 

So, the compromise: We stay in homes instead of Rusty and we buy some warmer clothes because we both did not pack for cooler weather. I was okay with a week in New Mexico and then the next decision needed to be made, do we head to Texas or go back to the warmth? You know my request and you know where we are now: in Texas and it feels like the PNW. 

Compromise. This trip has taught me that compromise does not always feel good. Compromise for me has meant allowing for strong feelings to be felt. It has meant tears, going on long solo angry walks and questioning so much of this journey. It has ALSO meant choosing joy and gratitude because there have been many, many things to feel grateful for despite getting sick and not being able to wear my cute warm weather clothes. ; ) 

Relationships of every kind will ask us to compromise at some point or another. Why I appreciate “yoga” in the broadest definition of the word, is because it continues to teach me how to be more adaptable and flexible. Currently, breath-work has been at the top of my tool list because it is something I can practice in the car and has an immediate effect on shifting my state of mind. 

Did you know that specific breathing patterns can help you shift from FREAKOUT (anxious, depressed, panic) to NEUTRALITY (centered, discerning, stable) in a matter of minutes?? 

Learning breath-work that suits your particular nature is one of the best gifts you can give yourself in the world we are living in today and throughout the holiday season.

If you are curious to learn more listen to the podcast episode below. My colleague and dear friend and I chat about what functional breath-work is and why I teach how I do. Plus, a link below to begin your breath-work explorations via Youtube. 

Wishes for a holiday filled with laughter and joy.
With love,
~ Heather 💗