Paused in Cali, the new adventure

Oct 1, 2022 | Blog

Me and My Pops

This is my pops and I taking a fun convertible ride through the Sierra Nevada mountains here in Northern Cali. Yep, we are still here in California. Last I wrote we were making final preparations for our drive to New Mexico. Now, we are waiting for Rusty to be picked up and transported back up to Washington. Life is such a ride, isn’t it!! 
We are all hanging in there, grateful to be spending time with my family AND ready to get on with the original adventure we signed up for. 

Outside of teaching on zoom and recording new content, each day is filled with lots of mystery and wonder. It is a patience and surrender experiment on the daily. The reminder that I am absolutely NOT in control of so many aspects of life is a constant.

Just when I think I can anchor into a plan for the day, something outside of my doing comes in to shift that. I imagine this is what it feels like to be a parent. Having a plan to clean the dishes and right when you begin, your baby wakes up. And, this pattern repeating itself over and over again!

Although, I am not in that situation this current adventure of being paused in Cali is very much like that. I sense this is the stepping stone for how life will be on the road. We are getting micro-doses of it even though we are very much paused in a comfy house, a normal bed, a full sized fun kitchen to cook in, etc. 

What is it about not having a structure of a home, with all the things and normal routines that has me feeling like I have less control than ever about the day to day happenings? Isn’t it all a false perception anyway, this feeling of control?

We have control over how we act and respond but, as we all now knowlife happens, there is always movement. We are in and a part of the ceaseless throb, the rhythms of life. 

If you are curious about exploring ways to accept, welcome and embrace the natural cycles and rhythms inside of you and that life is, join me! We move, breathe and meditate together in order to learn how to do just that!

Three ways to join the fun: 

1) In-Person Retreats. Check it out, there are a few spots open!! 
2) Live Zoom Sessions, send a donation and you’re in.
3) Recorded classes, through my membership site. Check it out here.

Practicing with you always. 
With love and gratitude,

~ Heather 💗