Shift. Shift. Shift.

Dec 5, 2017 | Blog

Move. Alter. Change. Adjust. Revise. Variate.

Transformation…….SHIFT.  The word of the month! 

I know it has only been a week or so since I last met you here, but my whole being kept telling me, “I needed to share this and write it out”. So, here I am, in all my vulnerability, sharing my process with you in the hopes that you will find something within this page that will help you feel more connected with your own truth and all that it is.

I made a decision last week that has changed how I will be showing up as a guide in the years to come. Up until a month or so ago, I had been in deep planning mode with a new business partner. We decided to bring our worlds of service together to create programs and experiences for women. It has been an exciting time of melding our knowledge and experiences in order to craft a whole new experience for women here on this island, and beyond.

So, when the thoughts, signals, and signs began to flood into my awareness that this might not be my next course of action, I thought to myself, “Huh?”

At first the signals were subtle. A feeling of overwhelm would rush over me. I would notice it, say hello, and allow it to pass since I was too caught in the excitement and inspiration of it all. Shortly after, other creative ideas began to flow through me that were separate than what we were planning. These new insights bringing to mind experiences that I wish to guide women through are filled with such magic and transformation that I thought it was the perfect compliment to what we were creating. But then, daily thoughts of questioning began to flood into my awareness. At first this was confusing for me. I really did not understand where this was all coming from.


But, from my experience and thanks to all the mentors, teachers and tools I have collected along the way, I knew what to do. I slowed down and listened. I began an evening meditation practice to compliment my morning practice. I asked for guidance. I pulled cards. I brought these questions to ceremony. I shared with the brilliant, amazing woman in my life. I sat some more. I listened some more. I journaled a bit. I listened in. I went out into the trees and to the ocean. Then, the morning of our next scheduled power meeting, I received the greatest embodied gift. The knowing that I had to step away from this collaboration. 

How did I know?

I experienced a full body release. A sense of relief that flooded my entire body when I visualized the experience of stepping away. WOW!! A powerful and empowering moment in my life. This signal of my whole body taking a big sigh was a wake up for me to tune in and recognize what my next step must be. The feeling of my entire being letting go and filling with ease is the way my highest self communicated with me. I knew, with my whole being in that moment, what I had to do. And, for one of the first times in my life, I felt no shame for feeling this way. I felt no guilt for following my truth even though it might disappoint others.

Instead, I felt empowered in this knowledge and deeply, deeply connected to my truth and life that is guiding me every step of the way. It was a spiritually enlightening experience.

I share this because I have heard over the last few weeks story after story of other women feeling a SHIFT in various areas of their lives. Big shifts happening within them and being able to harness the power that lives within these changes and evolution. What is most exciting about all of this is witnessing the collective, especially women, navigate these shifts with greater ease. And, this type of empowered self knowledge and trust is what I am feeling impassioned about sharing with you all in the next coming months.

Like I mentioned in my last newsletter, many of us are sensing a big awakening among women. And hell yes! It is an exciting time to be a woman!!

So, I am curious: What is SHIFTING in your life? I would love to hear from you.

Here is what is rising within me from this experience and this last year of navigating ALL the major transformation within myself….

I am READY to bring to life: 

  • Women’s Moon Retreats. Scheduled for April and September 2018. *stay tuned*
  • Workshops on moon cycles, charting your menstrual and moon cycles (this has seriously been the most transformational process for me)
  • Classes and Workshops on connecting with goddess archetypes for healing and support
  • Education and Sacred Ceremonial space for connecting with Yoni steaming/healing
  • Red Tent style gatherings
  • Experiences for women to come and BE, breathe and rejuvenate
  • Movement classes and meditations based on your moon cycle. Supporting yourself through every stage of the month whether you still bleed or not.
  • Ceremony to re-remember our first bleed. To be honored and seen in all your beauty and power
  • Retreats and experiences based on the four main feminine archetypes and four seasons.
  • SOO.. much more…

What I leave you with: YOU KNOW!! You really do. Yes, there are tools, practices and all the juicy good stuff to help get you to this knowing (all of the above will help to get you there) but underneath all of it, is the understanding that all the knowledge, all the power lives within YOU. You are it lady!!

And, myself and other guides and/or teachers in your life should all be pointing you deeper and deeper to this knowing!! So, there you go! You KNOW. You are DIVINE. We are DIVINE. We are the DIVINE FEMININE. She is US. We are HER.

I cannot wait to dive into all of this in greater detail as I continue to plan it all out for you. Yay!! Oh life, simply amazing!!