Stop and Smell the Roses

May 18, 2018 | Blog, Uncategorized

Here in the PNW, it feels like the dial has just turned up up up up. Just this morning, I saw my first Nookta Rose fully open. It was so sweetly shining in the warm morning sun and a little bee was busy buzzing its way around the surface collecting pollen. A moment to stop and “smell the roses” indeed!

Which has me thinking about all the ways we can stop for just one or two minutes in order to appreciate and take in our surrounding environments. Those subtle, aware moments can be all we need in order to have a mini reset and change in perspective. What can you notice right now that enlivens your sensual experience of the moment and life? Is it the green of a tree? The flower perfectly placed in the vase? The sound of the birds singing? The color of the shirt you are wearing? The feeling of the warm tea entering your mouth and making its way down your throat? The color of the sky or the drifting clouds? I would love to hear what just captured your attention.

These magnificent and simple moments are some of the ways I am currently meditating throughout my day. Some of you are already aware of this and are also following along with me weekly as we open to live with and breathe in the poetic splendor of The Radiance Sutras, written by Lorin Roche, Ph.D. I have been captivated by the simplicity and wonder provoking qualities of these Sutras and how Lorin translates them.

For instance, the question from Devi (creative energy permeating the universe) to Bhairava (the infinite consciousness that embraces her)….

“And this “matter” out of which our forms are made—
What are these dancing particles
Of condensed radiance?” 

DANCING PARTICLES OF CONDENSED RADIANCE!! Yes! To open to the possibility that we are, that everything is, dancing particles of condensed radiance, mind blown!

Allow that to penetrate your being for a moment. Maybe reread those lines again, and again.

Perhaps look outside again or sense that thing that you noticed from our moment up above and imagine all the dancing particles of condensed radiance floating around having a grand ol’ time making up whatever it is. Amazing. This small verse comes threading into my awareness often and I love to share it when the opportunity arises.

It is helping me to return back to center, to the present, with a new set of eyes. A more expansive perspective and to stay in the wonder and mystery of life and all that is unfolding (rather quickly) with a bit more ease and joy.

I hear often, “life is moving so fast I can hardly keep up.” Yes, that is for sure, I am right there with you! And, the coming of the summer seems to intensify this for many. So, how do we manage? Many thoughts on that topic, perhaps that will be another post sometime soon. But, I will offer a little tid-bit from my own life experience because as of late, I can relate more than ever to life moving at power speed.

This comes from the invitations from the aforementioned text, The Radiance Sutras, and also Lorin’s wife Camille’s book, Meditation Secrets for Women. A bit of a different take on how one might “deal” with all the happenings of life.  

The invitation is to open FULLY to ALL that life is presenting you. To allow whatever is capturing your attention to be the doorway into a deeper exploration of the present moment. 

This is about getting curious about all that makes up YOU. Every thought, every action, every word.

For example, you continue to have the same recurring uncomfortable thought. What do you normally do? Push it aside? Dismiss it? Try to ignore it? Or do you allow that thought to spin you into a tizzy?

Try this: Get curious and intrigued. Ask that thought some questions. Where did this thought come from? What is at the root of the thought? What feeling is associated with this thought? What do you need in this moment to honor this thought? Etc.. Find the pathway that leads to any action that lives beyond the recurring thought pattern. 

Then, (my favorite part) put on your favorite songs, mantras or chants and either sing along or dance/move along. Embodying through sound and movement is a sure way to shift the energy and perspective!

That is A invitation. As always, with all I share, take what fits and leave the rest behind. This inquiry process does not happen over night, it is not a walk in the park, it is not by itself going to solve all the challenges in your life. But, it may just shift your perspective and help you see where you have been holding back and what is dying to be seen and heard.

There is more to this story but, if you are interested start with this and see what opens up.

I happy to share more if you are interested as this is what I am currently exploring myself. It has been liberating, sometimes a little uncomfortable and yet so so freeing!!

I hope this was helpful. And, if you are intrigued I highly recommend those two books. Pick yourself up a copy, you will not be disappointed.

Thank you for being here, for reading along and sharing your insights.

With love,
Heather ūüíú