:: UPDATE :: APRIL 9, 2020. How to Live Stream classes from home

Mar 16, 2020 | Blog

Welcome to LIVE STREAM!!

Step 1: Search classes that are available for Live Stream through our mobile app. You will see “Live Stream” next to the title of the classes that are available for live stream. Search “GloFox” in the app store on your mobile device. Enter “ALTAR movement studio.” Follow the prompts from there.

*For more detailed instructions on app use, see our FAQs section on our website ( on how to download the app *

Step 2: Join our *NEW* Live Stream only, 1 month membership. There are three tiers of membership available. (Sliding scale) Tier 1 is available to those who could use some financial assistance during this time. Tiers 2 and 3 offer more support to ALTAR and the teachers as a whole. We want to continue to encourage WHOLE SELF HEALTH for as many people as possible. Which is why we also have sliding scale “drop-in” options as well. Pay $4-20 a class. See “Drop-In” option when choosing a membership. We love that you are here and thank you for your contribution in whatever form that takes.

Step 3: Sign-up for the classes by the following prompts. ** In order to be sent the ZOOM link for our meeting room, please sign-up at least 15 minutes before start time of class. This will help us prepare for each and everyone of you. ** Thank you.

Step 4: Download ZOOM on your computer and mobile device for back-up. Click here to sign-up with ZOOM. This service is free.

NEXT, let’s talk about ZOOM::

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a video conferencing platform used for virtual meetings, webinars, and yoga lessons.

The Zoom website is:

How will I meet with the ALTAR teachers?

ALTAR has a “Zoom room” with a special link for a private online meeting room.  When you have signed up for a class ALTAR you will receive a confirmation email with all the info you need to enter each zoom meeting room assigned for each class specifically.

Should I use my laptop, phone or tablet?

Online yoga works best when you’re using a laptop with a camera at the top. 

How do I set up my laptop and mat?  

Set up your laptop far enough away so we can see you & the side view of your full mat.  The whole horizontal mat should be in the camera frame. Do your best and don’t worry.

What do I need to meet with the teachers in the “Zoom room”?
Download the Zoom app to your laptop computer:  Visit Zoom’s Download Center to download the application to your computer.  See next steps…

Click on Download:

Zoom will download the Zoom package to your computer.

Click on Zoom.pkg and follow the prompts to download the Zoom application to your laptop.  

Once installed, create your account.   The Zoom icon looks like this:

How will I get the Meeting ID for ALTAR’s Zoom room?
We will email you with the following information:

Meeting date:
Meeting time:  

URL to ALTAR’s Zoom room:

Tap on the URL to open ALTAR’s Zoom room.  A box will appear:

Tap on Open  The Zoom app will be activated and your class meeting room will appear! 

I’d like to schedule a test call before my online yoga private session or class.

If you’ve never used Zoom, we’ll happily schedule a quick test call. Just email ALTAR and let us know when a good time might be. 

Step 5: 10 minutes before class start time begin setting up your space to get ready for your class. Set up your computer in front of your mat. If you have props have all of those near by. Turn your phone notifications off. Ask your family and friends to support you in this time you are giving to yourself. Encourage your friends to join from their homes as well.

Step 6: Open the confirmation email you received when you signed up for the class you are taking that day. Click the link to join the zoom meeting room.

Step 7: Enjoy your practice knowing you are supporting your health, your body, your ALTAR teachers and keeping ALTAR open for all of us to continue to contribute to our WHOLE SELF HEALTH now and into the future.

THANK YOU!! We are so grateful for each and everyone of you.

With love,

Heather and the ALTAR team