Variety is the Spice of Life

Sep 5, 2018 | Blog

Welcome back and a warm “Hello” to all the new subscribers. What I share here monthly is generally a mix of what thoughts and ideas are inspiring me at the moment, contemplations for you to thread into your day, week or month if you so choose and opportunities to gather together in order to explore mindful movement, intentional living and being, ceremony, ritual and the power of “Vitamin Community.” Sometimes we go deep and other times we just laugh it out and play to our hearts content. Welcome to the Tribe!

Variety, Curiosity and Wonder are at the core of what we explore. We traverse the spectrum of possibilities in body, mind, and soul. 

And, for those of you who continue to open these newsletters month after month: YOU ROCK! Thank you for being here and showing up as you do. It is an honor and gift to be able to share in this way and learn from all of you.

This newsletter is filled with the bounty, fall is here! The motivation to get back to a movement practice and steady routine and inspiration to recalibrate and refresh is in the air. Many opportunities to explore together below. As always if any questions arise, I am here and just a email or phone call away.

Now for what has been percolating through me as of late…

I have noticed myself more and more interested in teaching movement and lifestyle patterns that will take us into our 90’s feeling adequate, able bodied, strong and resilient. And, I have been talking about it weekly in classes.

This is not a new concept for me, but one that seems to be more present than ever before. I am committed to teaching and sharing from a place of understanding that what we do NOW in our bodies makes a huge impact in how we will be able to show up when we are 75, 80, 85 and beyond.

Just as the concept of including lots of variety in our daily food choices is becoming more accepted and wide spread knowledge, I believe that we can take this same concept into how we choose to move our bodies and how we care for ourselves daily. Variety is the spice of life, it keeps our bodies and minds primed to stay alert, responsive, excited and ready for whatever life may bring us.

(And, side note.. know that I am in this exploration currently in my own movement, meditation and mindfulness practices. A slow and steady opening over the last 1.5 years)

So, these two ideas: variation in movement, food, lifestyle practices and dynamically aging are capturing my attention and threading into how I am choosing to teach and show up in my daily life.

Staying on the topic of variety: what is one action you can take this week or month in order to change up your movement practice?
Is there a class you have been wanting to try? An online video you bookmarked months ago? A new trail you can discover? Or perhaps the variety would come from doing something on your own rather than always with a friend or the opposite, inviting a friend to join you for a class or trail hike?

Whatever you choose to do, I invite you to notice how it feels to consider adding something new and different to your week or month? What new sensations, feelings and/or thoughts come along while considering altering the normal routine?
Then, while you are experiencing the new movement, notice how your body feels. What parts of your body do you become more aware of? What captures your attention while you are moving? How did you feel after? Then share with me here or in person.

For me, adding strength training back into my weekly movement practice is the current spice that is being called for and it feels like the perfect compliment to balance all the other ways in which I enjoy moving. Encouraging us all to open our minds and bodies to something new in order to continue aging dynamically!

With Joy,
Heather 💜