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I help guide people towards intentionally moving their bodies so they can age with vitality and live a more balanced and empowered life. 

Movement, Breath and Meditation Guidance catered to your specific needs, desires and intentions. We partner together in order to craft soul nourishing practices for your body, mind and soul.

Yoga philosophy and the mindfulness of Yoga Asana are at the root of what we will explore together. From there we expand outward in order to comb through all the bodies of knowledge that have been passed down and through me in order to find a pathway toward healing, evolution and growth that is perfect for you at this moment in your life.

I generally use movement and breath as the first doorway into the work together and from their the body and your sharing will point us in the direction of where and what we will explore in our time together.

How I work is truly a partnership between me and you. I am invested in your health, vitality and growth. Meet me at my private studio in Friday Harbor, in the comfort of your own home or over Zoom.

The first step is to begin the conversation and from their we will explore what is possible.

Work With Me

Below you’ll find the ways you can work with me either privately, in group classes or online courses.

Private Classes

Private and Semi-Private Movement and Meditation instruction by appointment

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Group Classes

ALTAR is my new Movement Studio where you will find me and exceptional teachers facilitating transformational experiences weekly.

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Online Courses

I’ve just launched my All-New 4-part Video Series called ‘The Foundation’ and it’s ready for you.

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Uncover your roadblocks and live your most RADIANT LIFE

The MIND-BODY ASSESSMENT is a starter kit to help you remove your roadblocks and live your most vital and radiant life.