You Are Enough!!!

Jun 23, 2017 | Blog

When you read those words, what comes to mind?

A knowing that yes, of course this is true?

This topic is still fresh on mind from this post I shared some days ago. The conversations that evolved from this statement were quite fascinating and so I thought to expand upon the topic here.

What sparked this sharing was this video on How to Be “Unfuckwithable” by Mind Valley Academy. There’s a powerful messages inside this video, if you can carve out 45 minutes to listen. I highly recommend it!

In this video a fabulous woman by the name of Marissa Peer comes to the stage to share one of the keys to becoming “unfuckwithable.” This is what she shared: cultivating the knowing that YOU ARE ENOUGH. Right here in this very moment, you are enough. You do not have to do anything to be enough. By YOU showing up to each moment and just BEING, you are enough. And what she has found through her private practice working with hundreds if not thousands of clients, including many celebrities, is that at the core of our suffering is this belief that we are NOT enough!

positivityThis belief often lives within our subconscious but can have a powerful effect on how we relate to ourselves, others, our work, our passions, etc.

Marissa describes this belief that we are NOT enough as the “greatest disease inflicting humanity,” and I could not agree more.

Think about it–if you, at your core, believe that you are not enough, you will act, speak and think in ways that solidify this thought. And the opposite is true too! If you believe and affirm daily that you are enough, your thoughts, words and actions will reflect this belief, this knowing.

An example: About four years ago I went through a program that helped me realize that I was living with this underlying belief that I am not enough. As I explored this realization, I began to make very distinct connections between the way I lived life and this belief that I was not enough. I saw my over-achieving, perfectionistic tendencies as a way to prove to myself that I was enough. I saw my eating disorder and ways of relating to my body as a HUGE sign that at my core I truly believed that I was not enough and not lovable in the current body and state I was in. This was a transformational realization that helped catalyze a process of self-love and acceptance.

Now, four years later, this video and deep conversations with some amazing soul sisters brings this teaching to the forefront once again. I share this with you with the intention that you solidify this knowledge deep within yourself, that YOU ARE ENOUGH, even if this is already known by you. If you do not believe this yet, the time is now! Especially if you have read this far. You are here and committed to personal growth and your soul’s evolution.

Here is a sweet, small takeaway/daily ritual or practice that can help you to shift this detrimental mentality.

From Marisa Peer:
Grab a stick of lipstick. Go to the closest mirror. Write “YOU ARE ENOUGH” on the mirror. Look in the mirror and repeat. Make this a multiple times per day ritual…and watch the magic unfold. She has used this one simple practice with hundreds of clients and believe it: it is changing lives!!

This is one sure way to be an active co-creator in your life so you can live a truly remarkable future. Powerful, Simple, Precise and Transformational. I encourage you to try this simple practice on and notice what shifts. Spark up conversations about it, share this post or the video, if you are do inspired. Let’s start a “YOU ARE ENOUGH” revolution. What a beautiful world it would be if we all truly believed this in each moment and interaction. I am ready!! How about you?

Wishing you a fabulous June/July. 🌻

With Joy and LOVE,