Welcome to ALTAR

We believe that life is movement and you are movement. 

At ALTAR we encourage our clients and students to come home to themselves. We believe in self-agency, freedom and exploration. We invite our students to reconnect with their instinctive wisdom as a way to heal, evolve and thrive.

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About Us

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Meet The Founder

Heather Briann

As the founder of ALTAR movement, she loves the opportunity to work with individuals and groups in order to facilitate experiences that help each person awaken to their own inner vitality. She is a 500+ hr. Certified Yoga and Instinctive Meditation Teacher and Certified with Restore Your Prana as a Breathwork Facilitator. Heather is also a Integration Coach and Guide supporting those entering altered states of consciousness using various psychedelic substances. For a full list of her qualifications and certifications, please contact Heather.

Practice With Heather

Life is Movement and You are Movement.

Heather creates a space for each of her students and clients to embody their inborn wisdom. People work with Heather who are struggling with anxiety, depression, extreme stress and overwhelm. She utilizes all the tools and modalities that she has trained in to meet the person where they are at. A session with Heather could include movement, breath-work, meditation and/or integration work after experiencing an expansive altered state of consciousness.

The first step is seeing if you and Heather are a right fit for one another.

I love this… and you. Life is a balance between hopefulness and despair, it’s kind of like surfing… learning to ride the waves. I think in order to know real joy you also must know sadness/grief… it’s wonderful that you bring your whole self to your work… it’s real! And important. And sometimes sucks!!! But what are the options??! To pretend??? Nope… you are the best Heather! Love you.


Heather beautifully held the group collectively and each of us individually, encouraging us to explore and celebrate our instinctive meditation experiences freely and fully. I felt so safe to open myself up to the experience in a group setting and to connect with others in the group. I typically don’t love sharing my personal experiences with these sacred practices but in this course I felt compelled to engage whole-heartedly.


With Heather’s expert guidance, I was able to hone my skills in meditation and find joy in the lifelong process of growing my meditation practice. Not only do I continue to refer back to the concepts discussed in the course personally, but I also share the teachings in my classes and with my clients. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone looking to improve their meditation practice and mental health to take classes with her.