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About Heather B Munro

My path and passions have allowed me to take a deep dive into Yoga, Meditation, Spirituality, Body Mechanics and Functional Movement, the unique study of Mind-Body Eating, Whole Living foods preparation and nutrition, organic farming and herbal studies and more. I have lived in many different places, learned from handfuls of exceptional human beings, and gleaned as much as I could.

The work I do today is a reflection of all of my life and educational experiences combined. I am inspired by nature, the feelings of awe and wonder and, ultimately, the great mystery that IS this human existence. I wake up filled with curiosity as to what magic and growth I might discover and delight in each day and I welcome others into that experience whether through mindful movement or deep inner inquiry.

My credentials:

  • Certified Gourmet Raw Food Chef
  • Certified Eating Psychology Practitioner
  • Food & Spirit Practitioner
  • 90 Monkeys Graduate: 200hr
  • Registered Yoga Teacher
  • Graduate of Yoga Anatomy Academy
  • 500 plus hours of workshops, retreats and seminars in the fields of functional movement, biomechanics, yoga movement and philosophy, meditation, sutra studies and more.

What I do

I am here to deliver a wide variety of tools and techniques to help you make transformative shifts in how you relate to your entire life experience.

With supportive guidance and easy to implement practices and tools, we work together to having you feeling illuminated from the inside out.

My approach is expansive and effective. Together, we will uncover your own personal nourishment roadmap. You understand that a certain level of commitment is necessary to get you to where you want to go. All you need now are more personalized strategies to help you gain clarity on what those steps should be for you TODAY/NOW in the body and life you currently are living in.

From what I have gleaned from all of my own mentors and teachers is that the old way of “doing” health, wellness, eating, exercise and life is outdated and not sustainable. My approach looks at the whole picture of who you are: your story, your present, your past, and your future aspirations.  

With that clear picture in mind I help you make connections and show you how your life experiences are a deep beautiful doorway into your soul. I help you pull the pieces of the puzzle together. I partner with you as you evolve and grow, and shine the light where there was previously darkness.

I know that you can live a whole, healthy, nourished life and I help you see this for yourself. It is a simple choice away. You are here to THRIVE, to feel good, to live with ease, to be a light, to radiate, to shine.


Uncover your roadblocks and live your most RADIANT LIFE

The MIND-BODY ASSESSMENT is a starter kit to help you remove your roadblocks and live your most vital and radiant life.