A renewal of the soul

Jul 20, 2017 | Blog

A renewal of the soul, this is it, ahh.. breath of fresh air.

I have a confession to make, two weeks ago, I would have rolled my eyes and slumped into my seat. Is this you now? If so, I totally get it so hang in there with me.

What has been threading through my awareness this last month is all related to going through what Saint John of the Cross calls “the dark night of the soul“; that cyclical space of being in your own personal winter. It is that dark, sometimes heavy, still place that is quite uncomfortable for most of us. Imagine your surroundings in the dead of winter; a bit desolate and sparse. For me, this has manifested as feeling somewhat stagnant and diminished creative inspiration. For others, it may be depression or severe anxiety; sudden change or dissociation; chronic physical or emotional pain; death of a loved one or a betrayal; or a loss of a relationship, job, community, income or home.

I am coming to learn, time and time again, that this space of “winter” holds an important place not only for the planet (duh!) but for us too! Because just like this lovely planet in which we all reside, we two experience the dark, in order to return again to the light. What I am currently exploring is how to be in the dark, the unknown or the underworld, without freaking the “F” out. Get my drift?
Unfortunately our society does not honor this necessary space of renewal and rejuvenation. I am here, in the “winter” as well like so many other glorious women who have recently been threading into my awareness; I am here to bring light to this very important piece of us.  We are taught to smother the “winter” with positivity, affirmations, more to-do lists, exercise, busy-ness, distraction etc.

But, my dears… this takes some work. This takes some patience. This takes some tender loving care. It takes some re-learning and re-programming and most importantly awareness.

So, whether you are in your personal “summer” or in the “dead of winter”, here are some (hopefully) helpful ideas and practices to try on when the black of life reenters as a great teacher and guide.

1) THIS WILL PASS. Remember the seasons. Trust this will pass because it will!
2) OPEN THE DOOR of communication. Ask for what you need from your support network. Need them to listen? Ask. Need advice? Ask. Need a hug? Ask. Need someone to come make you dinner? Ask. Need to not be disturbed for 24 hours? Ask.
3) Feel all the Feelings. That’s right, feel it! All of it. Do not run. Do not hide. Open your arms wide to all that you are feeling. Let it flood in. I am reading Liyana Silvers book at the moment (you may have already guessed that) and she shares how a strong emotion will only last between 2-20 minutes. So, go ahead and give that part of you room to be seen, heard, felt and experienced. When we give it the attention it needs, it allows that emotion to move through us rather than get stuck and stagnant within us.

Intrigued? Would you like to explore this topic more? Let’s connect. I love diving into the nitty gritty.

Also, I am thinking to start a book club with Feminine Genius. Would you be interested? Reply here.

Wishing you a glorious (almost) New Moon!! What are you calling in this next moon cycle?

With Gratitude and Joy,