March 2024 | Tucson, AZ

Mar 21, 2024 | Blog

The quick Life update: 

  • It’s been 3 months since landing in your inbox!
  • Pics and Life Updates below. 
  • Fresh starts, if you love a good read – check this out!
  • Jai Jai and I are in Tucson for another few weeks. Back to Cali, cali mid-April.
  • Island love. I am planning to be up in the PNW this summer. Are you interested in some in-person gatherings? Please reply to this email. 

With love, Heather


The view: From my abode casita cabin in Tucson. Mornings and evenings have been spent on the roof-top, soaking up the rising sun and evening sunsets.

The Spring Equinox was on Tuesday. Right on cue with the earth waking back up, so to, is my creative spark. Although not completely dormant, the last few months for me have been quieter. More introspective, less socializing and more study time. It was a drawing in time and what felt like a final shed. Shedding the last layers of my past life. Altar is no longer, I will not be offering group classes or experiences under that name. I am back to my original website,, a simplified version of what was. Fitting to my lifestyle and what feels most aligned now, you will see how I am working with individuals and groups. My offerings are stripped down to the essence of what it is I am here to do. Take a peek here.

First fresh start for me: The updated website. Second fresh start is a new writing project that I am calling Free to Wonder.Here, I am sharing a little more candidly about life on the road and all that I am learning and living through. It is a work in progress. I would love to see you there! Stories on intimacy, medicine ceremonies, the real-ness of not having an established tap-root in anyone location and more… 

Now for you dear one, what is fresh + new for you this Spring? Reply back, I miss y’all. Tell me what’s on your heart/mind and circulating in your soul.

Thank you for BEING here with me. You are appreciated

With love,