October 2023 | Tucson

Oct 24, 2023 | Blog

The quick Life update: 

  • Tucson vibes :: eclectic, welcoming, sacred, wise. 
  • Community :: I have been saying YES to most invitations offered to me. I am in a yes mood lately, saying yes to intentional gatherings where the purpose is to uplift and amplify ourselves, others and the world. 
  • Gratitude :: that there are places and spaces where people are joining together in order to grieve, transmute energy, dance, sing and pray. 
  • I feel more strongly than I have in a long time that we need to gather together. I have been filling my own cup so y’all can come and get yours filled with the online classes I am hosting. See below.
  • Jai Jai and I are now in Phoenix!
  • Story time below, On not losing hope. 

With love, Heather


I notice myself saying YES more often. It is a YES time in my life I suppose. It feels like a time of immersive inner and outer explorations. I am spending more time in prayer and am I finally okay to use that phrase as a way to describe what I am often thinking about. I am not religious but, for lack of a more relatable term I use prayer to describe the conversation that I am in with my higher self, the divine, spirit, the creator and what some might call God. I am fascinated by the variety of ways all the cultures and religions of the world speak to connection with what is hard to often describe or put into words.

What continues to feel aligned is that I am here to support people on a spiritual or soul path. This has been an undercurrent in all that I have taught and explored over the years. And, it is now important to name it. I notice I thrive when I am having conversations with people and clients that center around their own unique understandings or experiences of the divine/spirit/the sacred/the earth/the creator. I believe that my movement classes and explorations are experiences that support one to get connected to themselves in such a way that they are able to tap into their own embodied understanding of what it is to be connected to their own truth of what is beyond this flesh and bone. 

I mentioned this would be story time about hope. Saying YES to more has put me into contact with people that are fully living their truth and sharing that with others. I have witnessed more MEN showing up for the sacred explorations and ceremonies. The intentional gatherings have been filled with people of all backgrounds singing, praying, grieving, dancing, moving, breathing and leaning into BEing with one another. It has offered me a fresh perspective on what is possible when we each get connected to our hearts and lean in with one another. 

My HOPE is that this email fills you with energy to show up for yourself, others and the world. How I know to do this is by getting centered and in the here and now. When I “come home to myself” daily (through practices like what I teach) this gifts me the energy to then be able to show up as vessel of peace and love with all those I come in contact with. How I interact with the grocery store clerk shifts, how I drive shifts, what I spend my time doing shifts. It has a ripple effect. 

If you feel the nudge to explore with me I have two group class opportunities beginning next week. See info above to sign-up. You can also reply to this email and I can fill you in on the details. All are welcome, share with friends. 

Thank you for BEING here with me. You are appreciated.