December 2023 | Phoenix

Dec 22, 2023 | Blog

The quick Life update: 

  • Jaiya and I have settled into 1 spot for the next 3 months. 
  • We have a sweet little home sweet home. (pics below)
  • I hosted a Pre-Solstice ceremony last week, reminds me of all the ceremonies hosted on SJI (pics below)
  • Psychedelics + Intimacy, from my last newsletter sparked some interest!! These topics plus my daily meditation and breath-work explorations are occupying much of my time. 
  • Heathers Happenings, below
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE and sweet blessings coming your way as we wrap-up 2023! ūüéČ

With love, Heather

Story Time  

Jaiya and I arrived to our, perfect for us, winter home a few weeks ago. The journey to getting here tested my trust in my intuition and instincts.

We were introduced to the owner by a friend of a friend of a friend. We chatted back in the fall and began making plans for a 3 month exchange. Her plan was to go to Spain for 3 months and I would take over her life so to speak, dog and all. It felt quite perfect, she lives in the neighborhood my friends live in. This was the first, “is this too good to be true?” moment.

We were aligned as far as life views and philosophies. Her dog was also named after a goddess (like Jaiya) and gets along with other dogs. I wanted to winter in Arizona for the time frame she would be away. The list goes on with the many “is this too good to be true,” points. 

You already know the end of the story – that Jaiya and I are here – so of course it wasn’t too good to be true. YET – this whole situation had me in a spiral of anxiety for about 48 hours and those 48 hours were the 48 hours before we were going to move in.  

So, la te¬†da. I was skipping along through life SO SO excited that I had a plan for winter, I stopped researching other places. It felt amazing to cross off¬†‘the where am I

going to live’ task off of my to-do list. I didn’t make a plan B. I trusted she would get on the plane on Dec. 2. 

As, Dec. 2 neared I continued to get this funny feeling like maybe everything would not work out as planned. I would feel the feeling in my gut and wonder if it was from my own anxieties, maybe hers, or was this an intuitive nudge that something was going to shift?

Do you ever get little hunches like this? 

Here is how the 48 hours before she is supposed to leave goes down: the first phone call is to tell me her plane ticket is actually not set. Next, comes a call about needing to get an MRI before she leaves. Next, it’s getting clearance from her PT. Next, she thinks she has COVID and at this point it’s hours before she is supposed to get on the plane and I am supposed to move in. It was utter chaos for 48 hours. My little hunch was correct and even clearer – I had this feeling like it would all work out and it would all come together at the last possible second. And, ya know what, that is exactly what happened. 

The takeaway – I have no f-in clue. Ha! Well, at least some parts of me are like what the heck was that all about? 

What I can say is that Wow oh wow. I do know I can trust my instincts BIG TIME. Although my intuition and instincts were spot on – it’s not like I could have changed anything. I was along for the ride with this women. Also, this women said something profound.¬†She said she was not surprised that there was a large contraction before the release.¬†And, I appreciate the symbology of that. When we stepped into this agreement with one another, it felt like we were both saying yes to something BIG for both of us individually.¬†

So, here I am, in the next phase of the adventure.

Thank you for BEING here with me. You are appreciated. ✨

With love,