ALTAR is a (blank) studio..

Sep 2, 2020 | Blog

We are a (blank) studio 

Ally, one of our fabulous teachers, often describes ALTAR as an embodiment studio. I love that! How would you describe ALTAR to someone? ALTAR is a (fill in the blank) studio. We would love to hear your thoughts… reply here.

After a lengthy chat together on the subject, we thought it would be wonderful to invite the larger community into these conversations. We hope you find this information intriguing and helpful.

Also, we have been sharing this type of knowledge and inquiry weekly in our local newspaper, The Journal of the San Juans. Check out the last 7 weeks, you will see our column filled with inspiration nuggets. 

So, let’s explore…. 

What does it mean to be embodied and why is this important?

This is a big question, so we would like to preface this by saying, we will do our best to distill books worth of information into some digestible nuggets with the hope that this peaks your curiosity enough to continue the exploration for years to come. 

What does it mean to be embodied? 

To be embodied is to be intimately connected to your physical and sensory experience of your body, your inner environment and the external environment. It is simply the way you feel, sense, see and are in the world. It is the ability to sense the aliveness within and around you.

Why is embodiment important? 

When we practice techniques that help us embody, we have a richer more whole-istic experience of life. Living in connection with this feeling of aliveness within and around us brings about a new vigor and gusto for life in both playful and pleasurable ways. 

Within the intensity of the lived experience for us all right now, we believe we could all use a little more play and pleasure, wouldn’t you say?

Being connected to and centered in our own lived experience is at the foundation of what we invite people to explore at ALTAR. We invite embodiment explorations from a place of curiosity, awe and wonder. When we learn to inhabit our form in this way, we begin to see we really are our own best guides and teachers. And, this is empowering. 

Questions? Email us, we always love hearing from you! 

With Gratitude,
Heather and the ALTAR team