April 2023 | Arizona 

Apr 30, 2023 | Blog

The quick VL update:  

  • We are paused in Phoenix 
  • Jai jai is sick. We went to a vet and we (fingers crossed) hope she is on the mend. Please send her some love if you have a little extra.
  • Rusty is in the process of getting a new engine
  • Gratitude for the light rail system and our able bodies that are getting us around town. 
  • The Desert Botanical Garden is Amazing!!
  • Following the travel journey? Scroll down: a story about letting go of the grip


Living on the Road and my curiosities of creating more intimate connection with all the layers of myself have taught me how to LET GO. 

If you are reading this now, it most likely means you have been following the 8 month “life on the road” journey. So, you know that I have had more than a handful of opportunities to LET GO and go with the flow. (The whole 8 month blog journey is up on my website, click here) You might also remember that historically letting go has not been the easiest for me to do because this girl loves to be in control of my life, my biz, my health, you name it. 

I am learning to live a soul aligned life. I have an amazing guide and teacher who has pointed out some heavy and tough to swallow observations over the years.

Like this one: others perception of me determining how I show up in the world, especially with my work.

I want to believe that I have been creating, teaching and guiding from a place that is beyond caring what others think of me. And, she has helped me to see this is just not true.

The truth is, I care SO much about all of my students and community that I think, think, think too much about what they want/what YOU want before I consider what my own desires are. 

In some ways I see that this has served me and my students. Having a caring and loving teacher and guide is important. 

This mentality, to the extreme that I was living it out, is also a disservice to all involved. It does not allow me to show up with what feels most aligned. Caring so much about what others want or what I think they want does not always allow me to take action on my intuitive nudges.

It is interesting too that I have been able to offer from that place up until now. I do not believe or feel that any time was wasted or that it is inherently wrong to create, guide, or teach from that place. 

I just know what I know to be true now and that is I want to offer and serve from a place where I am honoring my intuition, instincts and soul.

In order to do this I need to say Yes to my intuition and those knowings that are undeniable. My closest friends have pointed out that they see me as always living from that place and to a degree that is true.

Yet, what is taking place now is a peeling back of another layer of the soul alignment onion.

Which has meant Letting Go. 

Letting Go of what others will think 
Letting Go of what I think others want from me
Letting Go of worrying about how others will feel 

Letting Go of stories I told myself and others of

what the plan for the year would be. 

Letting Go is “F-ing” scary!!! 

Are you with me??

AND >>>> it is exhilarating and freeing. I know when I am on track and following my soul from certain sensations that rise in my body. 

How do you connect with your own essence? You intuition? Your clear Yes’s and No’s? Are you making space daily to come home to that place? 

Thank you for reading! I appreciate and always find it valuable to hear from y’all. Reply back, let me know what’s stirring your soul. 

With love, Heather