August 2023 | Vashon Island 

Aug 23, 2023 | Blog

The quick Life update: 

  • Vashon island has been filled with lots of client sessions and long walks with two wise old dogs. 
  • Jaiya and Penny are pretty cute together, see latest newsletter
  • Jai Jai and I are heading to Texas so I can be a cool 😎 Auntie for a week with my two sweet nephews. Then we are headed to Austin for the month of September. 
  • New Tuesday morning group class series begins in a few weeks, sign-up now. Send me an email.
  • Life on the Road continues but in a whole new way, read more below

With love, Heather

Story Time  

Can you believe that it has almost been 1 year since we sold most of our things and took off on the road? We left Seattle August 31, 2022!! Life on the road continues to feel right but it has shifted. Although we are not living out of Rusty any longer, we are still without a home base. The plan for now is spending one month at a time in different locations. Next stop will be Austin for the month of September. 

The current lesson from life on the road is speaking my truth and not wavering on what is aligned for me just because a situation is uncomfortable. I am very clear on a few things that I need and desire. Currently, I seem to have more of an ability to first recognize these things and then live accordingly. 

I have a hunch that living in this more simplified way is supporting me in this effort. Without so much clutter and keeping up with the go go go of the life I was living, I am able to listen to other parts of myself that have been patiently waiting in the background. 

If I could offer one invitation to all of you reading here it would be this: 
At some point in your life, prioritize coming home to yourself. 

I invite this not just based off of my own lived experience but also based on the hundreds of clients I have been interacting with over the last 7 months.

What does coming home to yourself mean? 

Getting to know the YOU that is beyond the flesh and bone. Taking time to prioritize clearing the clutter of what is getting in the way of you connecting with your soul. I am witness to people finding their way home and what I can say from my observational experience is this: 

When people come home to themselves – the anxiety, the fear, the stress, the depression, the overwhelm all fade away. 

There are a myriad of ways to get in touch with the various layers of yourself, what is one way that you have experienced? If you are looking to explore this topic further join me and our core group of movers in our next 7 week Series. Reply back to this email or click the image above about the series and I will fill you in on the deets. 

Next time I see you (for some) or you read my words I will be in good ol’ Texas. Yee Haww!

Thank you for BEING here with me. You are appreciated.