Dec 2022 | West-Coast

Dec 21, 2022 | Blog

Joshua Tree

Hello Community!

The quick VL (Van-Life) update:  

  • We are back on the West Coast. Seeing the Pacific Ocean once again was exceptional.
  • The desert is gorgeous. We camped and hiked in Joshua Tree National Park. See below.
  • Rusty is still doing great!! She will be getting some maintenance work done while here in San Diego.
  • We are making plans to drive into Mexico. Have you driven into Baja? What do you know, we would love any advice.
  • OPPORTUNITY to RETREAT with me next summer on SJI!! Read more below.

With love, Heather

After living in the temperate PNW for 12 years, spending time in the desert was a welcomed experience. It feels like I have dried out a bit after spending the last few weeks in New Mexico, Arizona and the deserts of California. 
We camped for one evening in Joshua Tree National Park. A desert landscape filled with unique flora and fauna. The highlights for us on the south eastern side of the park were the massive rusty colored boulders, the sands of the trails and the expansive bright blue skies. 

Winter Solstice  

I am intentionally here TODAY.
Winter Solstice is a marker of time. A beginning of a new season of the year and in the Northern Hemisphere, a slow and steady returning of the light of the Sun.
For centuries, cultures around the globe have marked this time with rituals and gatherings of all kinds. 
TODAY, I invite you to acknowledge this day and the season you are entering. You are doing it already by reading this. Is there another “something” you can participate in as a way to BE present with yourself and this day as a marker of time? So, you can look back in 6 months and see what progress/evolution/growth has occurred. 
Maybe a quick journal entry, a purposeful photo to document what is current in your life or perhaps you buy a special candle that you keep lit today and light once again on the Summer Solstice?
We gather in 6 months on SJI. Seasonal retreats are a way of celebrating the present, reflecting upon the past, and acknowledging that which we desire to bring into the future. 
The effects of these practices are amplified when we are in community. 

I am excited to get into the groove of hosting seasonal retreats in 2023 and beyond. A chance to be together during the most potent times of the year in order to practice, delight in whatever season we are in and rejuvenate body, mind and soul.

Read more about the Summer Solstice Retreat and reply back!! I absolutely LOVE hearing from all of you. Truly, truly, tell me what is on your mind/heart/soul. xox 
Wishes for moments of savoring the season you are in. 
With love, Heather