TAPAS. Discipline vs. Freedom

Apr 11, 2018 | Blog

I struggle with FREEDOM, ie. giving myself permission to be without a disciplined routine or structure. So, coming to the Hawaiian islands with the intent to be FREE from all my daily practices and routines (to be honest) was a little scary for me.What helped to keep me on course was having a few sacred texts  on hand that reminded me that there are times to be disciplined AND there are times to be free. The yogic term for this from the book, The Radiance Sutras, is TAPAS.

Tapas: tolerating the play of opposites. Tapas is valued because it builds strength.

So in big bold letters I wrote freedom and tapas at the top of my journal page and reminded myself as often as needed that I am in a mode of freedom while here. And, I notice it is helping me to feel stronger emotionally and energetically. I feel like I am able to go with the flow with more ease and I feel more present with the environment I am in and with those who are in my presence.

The contemplation for you: where can you “cultivate the opposite” in order to build resiliency and strength?

Spending too much time inside? Go outside.
Are you a go go goer? Find more stillness.
Do you use your sense of sight more than your sense of touch? Do you feel more worry then at peace?
Are you spending too much time with others? Cultivate you time. Get the idea?

It is just like a yoga (asana) practice:
Breathe in, breathe out.
Forward bend, backward bend.
Turn left, turn right.
We cultivate both in order to find our balance point, be flexible and create stability and strength.

Practicing with you always. I look forward to seeing many of you back on the mat next week beginning Sunday April 1st. New schedule below, I added one more morning practice series, so now Tuesday and Thursday morning practices! Yay 😊
Please reply to this email to sign-up for each series. Thank you. 

Also, your help is always appreciated in helping to spread the word about classes. Our yoga tribe is building so beautifully. It brings me such joy to share the gem of yoga with you all. You each inspire me daily to continue to show up, practice, and continue on the path. If you have friends who are interested please forward this email and/or have them connect with me directly. Thank you!

With love,
Heather 🏝