Feb 26, 2018 | Blog

This word FORCE has been entering my thoughts and conversations over the last few months. For myself, it is surfacing in relation to thinking about whether I am “forcing” something (a new project, a conversation, my body) into being/doing or am I allowing something into being/doing.

Here is a real life example:

Towards the end of last year I sent a newsletter talking about some new projects and experiences I was giddy with excitement to share and facilitate with and for you all. But, when it came time in January to beginning taking the steps to plan the next big project, a retreat in April here on the island, the giddy, happy, excited feeling was not there. A very strange feeling for me. When those feelings came about the first time, I figured, I was tired and recognized it was the wrong time in my cycle to be trying to organize something like this and so I scheduled another day to do these tasks. But, when a week passed and I did not find the time to do what I needed to begin doing and had no desire or excitement to do it, I took a step back. I heard these words a few times,

“Stop Forcing and Why Force?”

So, that is what I did, I stopped. It was not easy. The experience of stepping back and not following through with what I said I was going to do, at first, felt “yucky” in my system. The ability to say NO and step away from something that was once so inspiring but presently had lost the sparkle, for me, is hard work. I want to feel inspired, I want to facilitate magical experiences for everyone, I want to show up and share what is lighting me up in order to help others. AND < that cannot be forced.

Can you relate? This experience reminds me of a similar challenge that many of you have expressed to me you face: the ability to take a day “off ” from everything.

When is the last time you have done that for yourself? To say “No” to the working out, eating a certain way, doing the laundry, doing ALL the chores, being there for everyone else? When is the last time you stopped and truly checked in with yourself on a day or afternoon when you were not working? When is the last time you asked yourself and your body what she/he would like to experience today rather than letting the lists and the “agenda” dictate what you “needed” to do?

The invitation today is for you to notice where in your life you may be “forcing and/or pushing” beyond your true needs or desires. Then, what is the action step to take to move away from the forcing?

For me, I recognized, if I went forward with planning this retreat in April, it would feel forced and like I was straining to make it happen. I recognized that this is absolutely NOT the place I want to be creating and facilitating from. Not fair to myself or to anyone that would be in my presence. SO, the action step for me was to pull away. To stop thinking about it. To listen to the advice that was coming from deep within me and stop putting the pressure on myself to plan the retreat. I instead chose to use that time to be present with myself and what was right in front of me and using this time of winter slowness to hone that skill of listening to the greatest teacher of all, the one that lives deep within each and every one of us.

Here’s to connecting deeply with our own inner teacher and listening to what she/he has to say and then taking action for ourselves and the life we choose to create.

Wishing you all a fabulous March! I am going off the grid as much as possible while away. You will not see me on social media and I will be checking email once a week. I will be back online in April. Until then, enjoy the beginning of spring witnessing that refresh in energy as mamma earth moves into spring and watching the land come back to life.

With deep bows of gratitude and love,
Heather 💜