Oct 12, 2018 | Blog

Immersive experiences are far and few in-between these days if we do not make a concentrated effort to make space for a deep dive into whatever we might be interested in. With all the information we could ever desire right at our finger tips, it is easier than ever before to be swept away by the next shiny object over and over and over again.

Does this sound familiar? You sit down to read your book and place your phone next to you. You begin reading and BING phone goes off. You check the message, respond and put the phone back down. Three sentences back into your book, BING, phone notification again. You check the message from Instagram or Facebook and again respond. But, this time your interest is stimulated and you follow a thread of posts, that lead to a blog, that land you to an article, and then you veer to your favorite shopping website and come full circle back to the social media platform. 25 minutes later, back to the book you go..

When you read those words, how does that make you feel? At peace, at ease? Frazzled? Distracted? All to familiar or not familiar at all?

Which of your daily, weekly or monthly experiences are contributing to your health, vitality and growth and which are distracting you? I can almost guarantee the aforementioned scenario, is one that most would consider to be not beneficial, balancing, or nourishing. Would you agree?

When is the last time you took 4,5 or 6 hours to be concentrated on one thing other than work? Where you did not check your phone, you did not have to respond to anyone else and you were not interrupted? 

Sound like a dream? It does not have to be, a little strategic planning is all it can take to gift yourself 3 or 4 hours to simply dive into something you wish to learn or experience. And, fall is  the perfect time to dive in.

Step 1: Decide what type of experience you would love to immerse yourself in. A long hike? A new class or workshop? A spa day? A home retreat? An afternoon with the girls? A crafty Sunday? A personal day long writing retreat? Kitchen preserving time?

Step 2: Research the class or workshop if that is what you choose or pick your date. Mark your calendar. Even if it is 6 months into the future when you can create this space. Mark it out and commit to it.

Step 3: Get excited!!

Immersive experiences such as day long retreats and workshops have been such an integral part of my journey the last 10 years. I can think back to a “Wing Medicine” workshop I took last year around this time and how I felt after attending.

  • Inspired to learn more about all the topics we discussed.
  • Excited to implement some new rituals into my day to day life.
  • And, an overall feeling of joy and pleasure after spending 6 hours unplugged and fully present with what was being presented moment to moment.

Encouraging you all to find your way in this and try something new perhaps!!

It would be silly of me not to mention our next Fall Workshop here.

Saturday, October 27, 2018. 9am-1pm.”Hips, Hammies and Heart.” 4 hours of practice, discussion, and relaxation in order to open, strength and mobilize the hips all the way up to the heart. Would love to have you join us. Click here for more information.

Wishing you all daily moments that are filled with pure joy and delight as we continue this transition into fall.
Sweet Fall Blessings,
Heather 🍁