January 2019

Jan 3, 2019 | Blog

Happy New Year!! 

Wishing you happiness, playful fun and strength in 2019.

MOVEMENT! So much movement taking place within and around me. This week keeping this newsletter dedicated to informing you on new systems and new classes for the beginning of 2019. The next time I connect in I will share more on all this movement I am referencing but, for now, I am still digesting…

First on the list. GloFox. GloFox is the online membership platform ALTAR is using to keep us all organized and on schedule. If you have not already, please head over to the new website.

Once you are there::

Step 1:  Create a user profile.
Step 2: Take a look at the class schedule and decide which classes you would like to attend weekly.
Step 3: Choose what class pass makes the most sense for how many classes you will be attending monthly. Ideally, integrating
2-3 movement classes into your weekly movement schedule will give you the most benefit and where you will see the greatest level of adaptation.You can either input your credit card information through the secure website or choose the pay later button so you can pay at the studio.
Step 4: Sign-up for classes by the week or for an entire month.

**Note** You must sign-up for classes at least 24 hours before the beginning of the class in order to sign-up online. It will be helpful to get in the habit of signing up online before classes begin filling up as the season continues. This will secure your spot and leave you space and time to enter class with ease. 

Second, NEW CLASSES. Three new classes beginning the week of January 14th.

BEGINNERS. Wednesdays at 9am and 5:30pm. 1 hour. Wednesday classes begin on January 16th, 2019. Click here or the image below for details and to sign-up now. 

RADIATE. Sunday’s at 10am. 1.5 hours. Sunday class begins on January 20th, 2019. Click here or the image below for details and to sign-up.

Third, all other classes stay the same. See the calendar image below. You will see Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays are still on the schedule. *Note* this is not the full January calendar view. If you have a question as to whether class is happening or not, please visit the new website here.

Fourth, keep your eyes and ears open for new teacher and class announcements! February and March are going to be chock full of new experiences and opportunities to learn, grow and stretch into 2019 together! 

Lastly, a divine offering from one of my current mediation teachers. She titled her New Years Day Poem :: ALTAR:: It touches on the essence of what ALTAR movement studio invites you into every time you enter. Enjoy! 


Place yourself on the altar,
There with the flowers and dancing flames,
The sacred stones and icons.
Offer your heart to the mystery.

Here on this hallowed ground,
Fall to your knees, press your belly to the Earth,
Be held in her loving arms and let go.

Surrender your sorrow,
Disappointments and doubts,
Worn stories and self-descriptions,
All your envy and fear.

Dissolve into darkness,
The ancient healing depths.
Offer yourself to this fertile soil,
Feed your wounds to the worms.

Cry out from the bottomless well
As if there is no tomorrow. 
Offer your tears to the ocean of love,
A river flowing back to the source.

Go further still, into the furnace of creation,
The holy primal fire.
Step onto the pyre, dance and roar –
Desires and dreams burning clean,
Down to the golden essence of your being.

Here, here,
Where death turns into life,
And down turns to up,
Remember the spark that ignited this birth,
The inspiration to incarnate.

Cherish this breath, as innocent as the first,
Newborn, willing, free.
Open your eyes to the miracle –
These flowers, these stars, this sacred Earth,
These hands, these hearts,
This company of angels.

This dancing flame, this ocean of love – 
You are this altar and the offering,
Radiant beyond belief,
An icon, an avatar 
Of the Divine.

Camille Maurine
1 January 2019


I look forward to seeing you soon!
With DEEP deep Gratitude, Love and New Year Blessings, 
Heather ????