January 2023 | Prep for Baja

Jan 12, 2023 | Blog

The quick VL (Van-Life) update:  

  • Life on the Road has its ups and downs. This week more downs than ups.
  • Snuggling is its own luxurious form of meditation. It just cured the funk I was in. If you need a mood adjustment, find a buddy to snuggle with. 
  • We drive into Baja tomorrow, wish us luck.
  • Portugal is LIVE, now is the time to send your deposit and secure your spot.
  • Live classes and class replays continue this month. Join a live class or receive a replay link, scroll to the bottom to learn more.
  • And, as always below you will find a little story time if you wish to follow the travel journey. 

With love, Heather


We were walking the pups the other morning in the perfect Cali winter sun to go have Acai bowls. I know, I know! How Cali cliche can we get!! But, it gets better. As we were walking a surfer dude on his cruiser bike crosses the road, one hand holding a surf board and the other on the bike handle. His long salty, bleached by the sun hair and content grin made both of us just smile. A classic Cali moment!
There is nothing more representative of the vibe of Ocean Beach than that!! Our acai bowl was delicious and the bright sun lasted all day. The feeling of that day is what we have been craving. Because planning for Mexico is kinda kicking our butts.

As many of you know and now more of you will, I tend towards being more anxious at times. Planning for Baja is revving up my anxiety big time. We have both been a bit edgy with one another and more short tempered with the pups. So, what to do when tensions run high? What do you do?

Although we both have a variety of strategies and tools, what we spontaneously fell into today was a luxurious snuggle session as I mentioned. When is the last time you snuggled with a buddy, be that a human or furry friend? Sometimes it is just what the heart and soul need. I didn’t know I needed that but, it is what immediately softened my rigidity and reset my nervous system. I felt as refreshed as I do when I meditate. So, a little nudge from us to you, to say YES to that thing that will help to reset and revive you. 

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