January 2023 | Southern Cali

Jan 3, 2023 | Blog

Happy 2023 everyone!!

The quick VL (Van-Life) update:  

  • We are headed to OB (Ocean Beach) California today. A cool, funky beach town outside of San Diego. 
  • We spent New Years Eve/Day camping in what was called the “atmospheric river” of California. We were all a bit wet and soggy for a few days. 
  • New Years is our anniversary, so we have been spending time reflecting on the last year of knowing one another. Pretty sweet.
  • The Intro to Breath-Work Series begins this Month! Read more below.  
  • 3 OPPORTUNITIES to RETREAT with me in 2023!! Click here.

With love, Heather


Yes! We met up with Mandy + Dave from SwayWild!! We both happened to be driving into Arizona on the same day. We shared some hugs and exchanged stories from the road. It felt very special to see familiar faces.

The other picture is from Coronado, California. We took the pups on a coastal walk on Point Loma. The sun was shining and the wind was howling that day. Those cliffs behind us had a fascinating texture from rain fall, wind and the structure of the rock. Very cool! 

I still do not have access to my FB or ALTAR’s instagram or our PeteandHeather insta. So, this is the main channel to stay updated with the happenings on the road. I ask all of you to help share this newsletter with friends and family who you know wish to be following the journey. You can send them this link: and they can add themselves to our blog/newsletter list. My aim is update every week or so. 

As I am typing this we are camped out at Dixon Lake, California. The current scene: sounds of birds chirping, fisherman moving through the water, Peter chomping on some chips : ) and every once in a while I look up from my screen to see the sun coming and going through the slow moving clouds and feel that sweet warmth from the Cali sun. 

Next up, we head to OB to stay for the next week or so as we make final preparations to drive into Baja, Mexico.