March 2023 | La Paz y La Paz

Mar 9, 2023 | Blog

The quick VL update:  

  • We are currently camped on a beach NorthEast of San Jose del Cabo.
  • Rusty had her first off roading adventure, we all survived!! 
  • The humpback whales are here and they are currently our main form of entertainment.
  • Following the travel journey? Story time below about our time in La Paz

With love, Heather


Has this happened to you? You arrive to your AirBnB only to find out your instructions for getting into the house or property are no where to be found? There is that stressful moment when you are scrolling through your phone to try to find the text, email, AirBNB message. You are tired from a long travel day and you just want to get inside, unpack and take a warm shower. 

If you have experienced this, then you know exactly how we felt when we arrived to La Paz. Our minds were racing… where could the dang message be? At the same time we frustratingly had the extra stress of the dogs barking and whining to get out of the car. So, we were a bit angry and annoyed and this all contributed to a less then warm welcome to La Paz. 

The saving grace was our host, who luckily saw us stressing in our van and inquired if we were looking for Casa Bo. YES!! She informed us that her messages were in WHATSAPP!! Of course, much of our communication with locals and companies here in Mexico has been through WHATSAPP. We will not miss that detail ever again, lesson learned. Check every communication app on the phone before stressing out.  

We ended up LOVING La Paz. As you may have noticed in the Quick VL updates section, we were there for 3 weeks. The extended stay had to do with, you guessed it, Rusty. She needed to have her transmission rebuilt and we needed to wait for a part from all places, Washington state (where we came from). Ha! Isn’t life ironic sometimes. 

Why did we love La Paz:

The FOOD! We got into a groove of riding our bikes to the local market where we bought all of our veggies and fresh fruits. The papayas here are OUT OF THIS WORLD! 

The dirty chai tea lattes at a well-known coffee shoppe named DoceCuarenta

The best ice cream we’ve found in Mexico so far!

The friendly, welcoming people. Everyone helped us with our broken Spanish.

Ease of biking/walking around the city. 

Meeting new people that we shared some meals and stories with. 

Enjoying a visit with some island folks. Plus we did a private in-person session together. So great.

Biking, biking and more biking. We got great use out of our bikes, finally!  

Our brunch at 3Amigos bakery in La Paz with SJI friends Sonia + Glen:

We will be in Baja through mid-April, if you find yourself planning a trip here, let us know. We would love to spend time with you. Plus, we can do some in-person movement together. Yay!