Summer Savoring and Your Inner Rebel 

Jul 5, 2018 | Blog

The peak of summer: parades and fireworks, scrumptious watermelons, fresh local berries, abundance at the farmers markets, bronzed skin, windows open, that free and easy feeling of wearing less clothing and feeling the sun kiss the skin more often than not. Ahh, awakening the senses to the season, such a delight.

Within taking in the sights, smells, textures and nourishing moments this season brings, I recognized something a few weeks ago, my meditation practice has morphed into something way beyond what I originally intended it to be.

Almost 6 years ago, I made a commitment to myself to meditate everyday. I had a hitch that this was the missing ingredient in my ever evolving relationship with myself and life. As I explored the idea of teaching full time I knew that I would need to give back to myself more and the invitation from all my teachers was to begin a daily meditation practice. I had resisted it for years but, something within me did not let me say No this time around.

For years, I had what I now consider a more rigid and sterile meditation practice. A style of practice that mimics that image that comes to mind when you think of what it might be like to be meditating. Seated, spine erect, no physical movement, trying to quiet the mind.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this way of meditation practice if it is working for any one being but, the longer I practiced I recognized that this way was not the only way for me and my inner rebel began to perk up and ask for something different. So, I followed my intuition and began checking in each morning and decided in the moment what would serve me that day. Some weeks I followed a similar flow and other weeks my practice seemed to shift day to day. I went with it.

But, I would often feel a bit of guilt for not following “THE” way. The way I was taught, the ways that have been past down for centuries. So, I kept all of that to myself and choose not to talk to anyone about my own personal experiences. Sometimes I would have this inner battle happening within, questioning what might be wrong with me and why I could not just stick to the program.

This questioning all seized when I was introduced to Dr. Lorin Roche and Camille Maurine authors of the texts I have been mentioning for months now: The Radiance Sutras and Meditation Secrets for Women and more.

After a synchronistic conversation with a dear friend and attending a workshop with Lorin and Camille last year, a light bulb was switched on. I was able to stop questioning myself and what felt right to me. They gave me permission that I did not even know I needed. My morning inquires have shifted dramatically ever sense and I am so so so grateful!

Until, I began that deeper dive into the Radiance Sutras and working with the Camille Maurine and Dr. Lorin Roche, no one had ever given me permission or encouraged me to follow my bliss in mediation. That permission or invitation from these two amazing guides was exactly what I needed to feel at ease and sink into greater levels of trust that my body and soul knows exactly what it needs in order to allow the natural unfolding of presence to be experienced.

So, I write this to you today to invite you into being more and more of your own inner authority:

  • Inviting you to follow your own bliss and not question what is true for you whether in your meditation practice or in some other category in your life.
  • Inviting you to explore movement and other meditative practices in your own unique way. Follow a template to get started than explore, venture and turn inward from that starting point.
  • Inviting you to ask questions of your teachers and guides.
  • Inviting you to stay curious and open to the information you are receiving and then allowing that to integrate into your being in your own unique.
  • Inviting you to say YES to your inner own intelligence and an invitation to explore how that relationship wants to be explored.

Thank you for being here, asking questions, and most importantly showing up for YOU!!

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With Gratitude and Love,
Heather 💚