Sept. 2022 | 21 days of meditation

Sep 21, 2022 | Blog

When I look up from my computer, hummingbirds are buzzing around, blue jay calls are in the background, massive Ponderosa Pines and Manzanita bushes in the foreground. The morning September temperature is just right, cool enough to have a light sweater on and when the Sun begins to hit my face it fills me with excitement because I sense the heat of day coming on just the way I like. You know I am a Sun Goddess at the core. 
: )
New Mexico is on the horizon. We are spending time each day researching places to park, sites to see and hot springs to soak in.

** If you have friends or family or a place you think is a must in this state, please leave a comment or send us an email! We are searching for places we can work from as well as gems that perhaps are only found through word of mouth. 

What else? 
Things I have been thinking about…. 

Transitions can be funky. How to stay “grounded and centered” during these times? 

Whether it’s a transition from one season to the next that rocks the boat or the unknowns of what a next phase of life will bring, what supports you in transition times? 

After my weekly Tuesday class, we have been having informal discussions that are filled with insights and revelations from whoever wants to share. What I observe and continue to observe is how HELPFUL the Radiance Sutras are. 

I have been back to taking daily time with the words and invitations from this text and this has been centering me and giving me something to recall throughout the day to regroup and ground. 

So much so that I decided to record daily practices for all of us. If you are interested in meditating with me daily for 21 days, please comment below or email me with your interest!

Practicing with you always. 

With love and joy,
~ Heather 💗