You already know how to meditate

Jun 4, 2020 | Blog

A modern approach to Meditation  

Did you know that your body loves to meditate and that meditation is part of our instinctual nature? 

Watch this short video by one of my meditation teachers to learn more:: click here.

A summary of this video:: your whole system moves through cycles of resting, relaxing, releasing, reviewing, repairing, restoring, rehearsing and remembering while meditating. This is the natural flow and one that we learn to recognize, accept, celebrate and honor within an instinctual meditation practice. 

This is different than what is often taught as meditation. Meditation is not about trying to control our “monkey minds.” Through instinctual meditation, we learn that a calm, clear, open mind naturally comes when we allow ourselves to be follow our natural rhythms while in the practice. 

Their are many techniques and invitations that help each of us find what pathways and doorways lead each of us individually to this natural, serene, calm and spacious place. 

What I love about instinctual meditation is that it is based on each of our own individual experience. The practice becomes uniquely catered to you and your way of moving through the world. We use your lived experiences and all that you are arriving to the practice with as the teacher and guide. 

I am delighted and excited to began sharing these teachings with the larger community. I have been working with smaller groups for the last 6 months, learning lots on facilitating these unique experiences. I am excited to offer these teachings to all who are ready to learn that meditation can be fun, exciting, easy and filled with delight. These classes will be a regular offering on our weekly schedule. 

We begin on Tuesday together, weekly classes on Tuesday’s and Friday’s at 12pm. 

Sliding scale options apply for these classes too! Drop-in to any class from $4-20. Or, sign-up for one of our monthly memberships starting at $39. 

Click here to learn how to easily sign-up.

Already have a membership? Sign-up for Tuesday’s class here.

Here is what some people have to say about their instinctive meditation journey:: 

“I experienced a more regular, accessible and relaxed meditation practice.  It has gotten easier to get into the space.  It provides me with a reset every day.  I am now better able to meditate throughout the day and during different activities, such as walking outdoors and cooking.  Meditation has become more about being with myself rather than a technique.  I look forward to this special time for me.” – Jane W. 

“This program helped bring in so many other layers to work with. Honestly, at first that was difficult for me because I felt like my mind was working too hard trying to remember all the aspects of the practice to be brought I that it was hard to relax. On some level this process has been a mirror into ways I could be more focused and self disciplined. However, on my last one on one with Heather I explained my difficulties and it was very liberating to learn from her that I could always make the experience my own -to know that I had tools to enhance the experience and at the same time accepting my own rhythms and ways. ” – Shannon K.

More exciting announcements coming this week on new class offerings!! Stay tuned. We look forward to practicing with you soon.
With love, Heather 💜